Canon announces ten new PowerShots

Canon announced today no less than ten new PowerShots, including six A series, two ELPH’s, the rugged D20 and the x20 zoom SX260.

PowerShot A810 & PowerShot A1300

These entry-level PowerShots come with x5 zoom 28-140mm lenses in simple compact bodies, equipped with the new standard direct video button. None of them, however, have image stabilization. The A1300 has an optical viewfinder – a true rarity among compacts.

In terms of improvements from the corresponding older models – the A1300 is a relatively minor update to the A1200, with a somewhat larger zoom range and and more megapixels.

Canon PowerShot A1300
28mm, x5 zoom, optical viewfinder – $119

The A810, however, is a different story altogether. Compared to the A800, it has a much wider lens (28mm vs. 37mm), a larger zoom range (x5 vs. x3.3), 720p HD video (was 640×480) and an updated design including a direct video button for convenience.

See the comparison of the A800 vs. A810.

Canon PowerShot A810
28mm, x5 zoom, 720p video – $109

PowerShot A2300 & PowerShot A2400

Like the A810 and A1300 above, both A2300 and A2400 have x5 zoom 28-140mm lenses.
The A2400 has optical image stabilization, whereas the A2300 doesn’t. On top of that, the A2400 has a 3″ LCD screen, larger than the 2.7″ screen of the A2300.

Canon PowerShot A2400
28mm, x5 zoom, image stabilization – $159

PowerShot A3400

The PowerShot A3400 is very similar to both its predecessor, the A3300, and the new A2400 – adding a direct video button the A3300, and touch-screen controls to the A2400.

Canon PowerShot A3400
28mm lens, x5 zoom, touch-screen controls, $179

PowerShot A4000

The A4000 is the odd A’ out – with a an image stabilized x8 zoom starting at 28mm in a 145 gram body, it stands out from the rest of the A series x5 zooms.

Canon PowerShot A4000
145 grams, 28mm lens, x8 zoom – $199

PowerShot Elph 320 & PowerShot ELPH 530

These two new ultra compacts add touch-screen controls and built-in wi-fi connectivity to the ELPH 300 and ELPH 520 respectively, retaining most characteristics otherwise.

See these comparisons of the ELPH 300 vs. ELPH 320 and ELPH 520 vs. ELPH 530.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 320
145 grams, 24mm, x5 zoom,
wi-fi connection and touch screen – $279

Canon PowerShot ELPH 530
163 grams, 28mm, x12 zoom,
wi-fi connection and touch screen – $349

PowerShot D20

It has been a much too long, three year wait, for the successor of the PowerShot D10 – the only rugged compact camera by Canon, until today.

The PowerShot D20 is a fresh update, with improvements across the board, except (almost) in the ruggedness itself.

What’s better in the D20, compared to the ‘ancient’ D10?
Well, (take a deep breath) – the lens is 28mm (was 35mm), the zoom range is x5 (was x3), the sensor is a BSI-CMOS (was CCD), the video resolution is 1080p with optical zoom (was 640×480 with no optical zoom), the macro range is 1 cm (was 3cm), the maximum shock resistance is 6.6′ (was 4′) and there’s a new direct video button and a built-in GPS.

However, in terms of freeze-proof-ness and water-resistance-ness, the D20 changes nothing – it can handle the same 33′ dives and 14°f temperatures as the D10.

The D20 is slightly heavier than the D10 (228 grams compared to 212), but is just over half as thick – making it a true compact camera, unlike the bulgy old diver that the D10 was.

See also the comparison of the D10 vs. D20.

Canon PowerShot D20d
14°f freeze-proof, 6.6′ shock-proof & 33′ water-proof
28mm lens, x5 zoom, built-in GPS, IS and full HD – $349

PowerShot SX260

With an extended x20 zoom starting at a wide 25mm, the new SX260, which replaces the SX230, joins the x20 club, populated until now only by the Panasonic Lumix ZS20 and the FujiFilm FinePix F750EXR & F770EXR. For the sake of fairness, x18 zooms are also allowed – thus welcoming the Nikon Coolpix S9300 as well.

See also the comparison of the SX230 vs. SX260.

Canon PowerShot SX260
231 grams, 25mm, x20 zoom, GPS – $349

All these PowerShots are available for pre-order at B&H on this special pre-order page,
and at Amazon on this New Canon Compacts page.


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