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My name is Eyal Gurevitch.
After many years of dwelling in the realm of digital cameras, and numerous successful buying recommendations for both beginners and advanced photographers, I managed to condense most of my knowledge to a website written, hopefully, in plain language.

Most importantly, I created a three-step wizard that could help you get all the necessary details you need quickly and easily, as well as a feature finder to allow a straight forward parameter search according to your needs.
I'm not selling anything. All I'm doing is sharing my knowledge. Use it any way you see fit.

I am, as you can obviously tell, using affiliate links on my site. Those are meant to direct you to the camera you choose, at the online shop you prefer, out of the ones I offer links to, and make them pay me something for my trouble driving traffic in their direction.

If you need help choosing one of the hundreds of digital cameras out there, read the short help pages I wrote (links above) to know a little more about what the digital camera world has to offer, what are the important parameters of a camera, and of course, links to B&H, Amazon and Adorama for when you decide.
Also, if you just have a question about a certain model or feature, then write me an email at, and I'll try to help you buy your new camera, lens or kit.

I try to include most compact cameras on my site, so whatever you're looking for - low budget or low light, super zoom or ultra compact, there's at least one that fits the bill. You can use this list of all cameras and take it from there.

Always be sure to check which cameras are on rebate before you make a purchase.

When buying, please use these links to B&H, Amazon and Adorama, or any other link on my site, thanks!

If you're hosting a site or planning to do so, check out dreamhost (use my promo code EYALGCOM to get a 75% discount!). They have the best hosting services I know.

Special thanks to my technical advisor - Guy Kremnitzer , and my graphic designer - Daniel Marmari.

Disclaimer: There could be honest mistakes in details, photos, prices, links or any other data on my site.
If such a case occurs, please alert me by email.

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and even complaints are welcome.
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Thanks, -eyalg