A jack of all trades! Fuji X-T2 review posted.


Just posted my full review of the Fuji X-T2. “So it highly resembles the camera it replaces, the body looks mostly the same, size and weight are practically identical, so what’s different about it? Megapixels: 24.3 vs 16.3 Focus points: 325 vs 49 PD points: 91 vs none Video resolution: 4K vs FHD Continuous speed: […]

Is this the best mirrorless camera out there?

My elaborate review of the Fujifilm X-T2 is now available on youtube. In this review I go over the good and the bad, I compare the X-T2 with the X-T1 in terms of body design, continuous focus tracking performance, low light focus capabilities, etc. I also include some image samples, though the full gallery, including […]

Cameras For Seniors (2015)

Cameras For Seniors Cameras for Seniors (2015) They’re getting smaller, aren’t they? Small screens, small fonts Electronic gadgets are becoming smaller and smaller, no doubt. Most cellular phones, for example, have tiny buttons for which most adult fingers are too large to hit without pressing adjacent ones as well. For weary eyes, small LCD screens […]

Fuji X-T10 vs. Lumix LX100 Image Comparison

The Fuji X-T10 is a smallerized version of the X-T1, packing most of its goodness without its bulk (and without some of its features, but we’ll get to that in a separate post).   Although the X-T10 is a different beast altogether than the Lumix LX100, the two cameras share more than a few characteristics – both […]