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Weight (inc. Battery) [?]:

Wide Angle [?]:

Max. Focal Length [?]:

Zoom Range [?]:

Sensor Size:

Low Light Support [?]:

Image Stabilization [?]:

Raw Format Support [?]:

Manual Exposure [?]:

Video Resolution [?]:

Optical Zoom In Video [?]:

Stereo Sound [?]:

Battery Life [?]:
370 shots

Flip Lcd [?]:

Touch Screen [?]:

Viewfinder [?]:

Freeze / Water / Shock - Proof [?]:

Dimensions (w-h-d) [?]:
113.3 x 73.2 x 45.8 mm

Macro Distance [?]:
1 cm

Built-in Wireless [?]:

Built-in GPS [?]:

Direct Video Button [?]:

Panorama [?]:

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$199 (change: $0, 0%)

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Canon PowerShot SX130 - Full Review

Last Lowest Price: $199
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Canon's SX130 provides the highest zoom to dollar ratio in its category. It's your low-priced all-family point and shoot companion.
Canon PowerShot SX130 (photo: Canon)
Important Note: the SX130 was replaced by the Canon PowerShot SX150 (compare ).

The PowerShot SX130 is Canon's attempt to create a compact camera that appeals to every member of the family. As it is simply built, it lacks the intimidation factor which more sophisticated cameras have, making it highly accessible for all.

Perhaps not easily apparant, the SX130 offers a very high zoom range for a very low price. Even though it's not a high-end camera, it does offer all necessary features.

Compared to the SX120 it replaces, it's an improvement in almost every way. It has a true wide angle lens, a larger zoom and high resolution (720p) video. It offers a fully automatic easy mode with multiple scene recognition and disabled options for less confusion and easier control for simply pointing and shooting.

On top of that, it also has a manual mode, if you prefer to have your hands on the wheel for full control over exposure.

The first thing you will notice about the SX130, is that it's not very small. Compared to other compact cameras, especially ultra compacts, it's almost on a category of its own. To illustrate further, unlike most compacts, it will not fit in most pants pockets.

Another issue is the SX130's low battery life with alkaline AA batteries. If you use alkaline batteries (why would you? don't!) you will be able to shoot no more than half an hour of video.
However, when using high capacity rechargeable batteries (like Eneloops), you'll be able to get away with a full day of shooting with two sets of batteries.

Who is it not for?
If you're looking for an ultra fit-in-your-pocket compact, this camera is not for you. If you want a high-end camera, with all the latest features and high image quality in low light situations, you should look elsewhere.

Who is it for?
If you want a simple to use camera - then it's definitely for you. If your budget is not very high, but you still want a good camera, this is the one. If you're looking for an everyday, point-and-shoot automatic shooter with a full manual mode as well, you found it.

The Competition
The closest competition comes from two compacts, both with large zoom ranges and high resolution video.
First is Panasonic's ZS5 (compare ), which has a similar x12 zoom but a wider 25mm lens.
The second is Sony's H55 (compare ), also with an extra wide 25mm lens, but only x10 zoom.

Last Lowest Price: $199
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Canon PowerShot SX130
Canon PowerShot SX130 Eyal Gurevitch June 26, 2012 $199 35.7 100

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