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December 15, 2014 [+ News]
Just Posted – Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III Review
The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III is the latest in a short but highly distinguished compact camera dynasty. How does it improve its successful and much loved predecessors? Does it hold up against the competition, now that doesn’t have the largest sensor … Continue reading
December 7, 2014 [+ Rebates & Specials]
Sony A5000 – the cheapest APS-C sensor camera kit.
For $298 – the Sony A5000 is now the cheapest APS-C sized sensor based mirrorless camera kit available on the market.   In order to get this unbelievably low price for the A5000 with its kit 16-50mm lens, buy it from … Continue reading
December 2, 2014 [+ Rebates & Specials]
Post Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals
As if the huge discounts of the last few days weren’t enough (read about them here and here), today brings another set of lowest ever prices – The Nikon Coolpix A takes yet another $35 drop, to a total of … Continue reading
December 1, 2014 [+ Rebates & Specials]
Cyber Monday Prices
The fun continues. The Canon PowerShot S110 has reached such a low price, it’s a crime not to buy it – $159 B&H | Amazon | Adorama The Olympus E-M10 is $100 to an all time low of $599: B&H … Continue reading
November 27, 2014 [+ Uncategorized]
I have been asked more than a few times whether camera prices actually go down on Black Friday. Looking at my Price Watch page, the answer is quite clear. Yes, they do. Today’s price drops show anywhere between 3% and 30%, … Continue reading
November 26, 2014 [+ Rebates & Specials]
LX100 Price Drop – $772, Really?
While the hugely discussed and much loved m43 compact Lumix LX100’s price remains steady at $899 for its black version, I noticed something strange on Amazon regarding its much less attractive grey version. At first, I saw that for some … Continue reading
November 10, 2014 [+ Rebates & Specials]
Low Price Alert – Sony RX100 and WX220, Nikon 1 J4 and D5200
Hot from the Price Watch page – the prices of these cameras are lower than they’ve ever been! (Tip: always look for the green prices on the ‘lowest over’ column.) The Sony RX100‘s original price, which was $649 over two years … Continue reading
November 9, 2014 [+ Advice]
Just Posted – The Fuji X30 Full Review
Here’s the preface from my full review: “When compared to the X20, the new X30 makes perfect sense – it has the same great bright lens, now with a control ring around it, a slightly larger (and significantly heavier) body … Continue reading
November 7, 2014 [+ Advice]
Cameras For Seniors
Cameras for Seniors (2014) They’re getting smaller, aren’t they? Small screens, small fonts Electronic gadgets are becoming smaller and smaller, no doubt. Most cellular phones, for example, have tiny buttons for which most adult fingers are too large to hit … Continue reading
November 5, 2014 [+ Rebates & Specials]
Stay Updated on Black Friday Deals & Prices
Yay! Black Friday is coming! Black Friday is just around the corner, and prices are already starting to drop on many cameras. Stay updated with daily price changes of all cameras in a single page – eyalg’s price watch. You … Continue reading