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News & Reviews

July 14, 2014 [+ Advice]
Olympus E-P5 goes to Rhodes
  As part of writing a review, I had the chance to take the Olympus E-P5 on a family holiday in Rhodes. We stayed at Kathara Bay in Faliraki, where the weather was hot and the sea was cold (and flat!) and … Continue reading
June 18, 2014 [+ Advice]
Just Posted – FujiFilm X-T1 Full Review
This is not just another camera. It’s a brilliantly orchestrated set of photographic controls. Did I go overboard with that? Perhaps. Read my full review of the X-T1 here. -eyalg  
May 26, 2014 [+ Advice]
FujiFilm X-T1, Panasonic GX7 & Sony A6000 Low Light Focus Test
I had a chance to test the Fuji X-T1, the Sony A6000 and the Panasonic GX7 together, so I checked how their fast AF systems compared. It’s a low light test, with different results than in good lighting conditions (watch … Continue reading
May 20, 2014 [+ News]
Sony does it again
  Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark III It’s hard to believe that the RX100 II was announced less than a year ago, and even more so – that the original RX100 was created less than two years ago. Sony is already … Continue reading
May 19, 2014 [+ Advice]
Mirrorless, mirroless on the wall, which is the fairest of them all?
These three mouth-watering cameras are now on my desk. I’ll try to find out which of them is better. I probably won’t get a single conclusive answer to that question, but I sure as hell will have fun trying. If … Continue reading
May 8, 2014 [+ Rebates & Specials]
Adorama offering $100 gift cards on Panasonic Mirrorless cameras
Adorama is now offering a $100 gift card in addition to instant rebates on select Panasonic mirrorless cameras, including the GX7, GM1 and GH3. The offers include free shipping and are valid through May 17th. Check out these cameras’ prices and … Continue reading
April 26, 2014 [+ Rebates & Specials]
Price Alert – Sony Cyber-shot RX100 – $448 at Amazon
The RX100, Sony’s unrivaled large sensor compact camera is now selling for $448 at Amazon. This is it’s lowest price ever, usually priced at $548 and had never before gone below the $500 mark. This could be a lightning deal … Continue reading
April 25, 2014 [+ Advice]
Just Posted – Sony Cyber-shot RX10 Full Review
Sony have become nothing less than daring and innovative in the past few years. To a certain extent with the RX1, but mostly with the unmatched, unrivaled RX100. The RX10 is no different – there’s nothing else like it. Anywhere. … Continue reading
March 19, 2014 [+ Advice]
FujiFilm FinePix XQ1 – Full Review
Just posted – the full review of Fuji’s smallest camera to hold an X-Trans sensor inside. Read the XQ1′s Full Review Here. -eyalg
March 3, 2014 [+ News]
Just Posted – Nikon D610 Full Review
The Nikon D610 is an affordable Full Frame DSLR. It lacks some features you’d expect to see even at that price point and in return offers a ticket to the world of Full Frame photography. Does the trade off work … Continue reading