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News & Reviews

March 19, 2014 [+ Advice]
FujiFilm FinePix XQ1 – Full Review
Just posted – the full review of Fuji’s smallest camera to hold an X-Trans sensor inside. Read the XQ1′sĀ Full Review Here. -eyalg
March 3, 2014 [+ News]
Just Posted – Nikon D610 Full Review
The Nikon D610 is an affordable Full Frame DSLR. It lacks some features you’d expect to see even at that price point and in return offers a ticket to the world of Full Frame photography. Does the trade off work … Continue reading
February 14, 2014 [+ News]
Is this a 4:3 killer? Canon introduces the G1X Mark II.
Canon’s PowerShot G1X generated high hopes and expectations as a true alternative to carrying heavy DSLR gear. Its 1.5″ sensor, slightly larger than those in 4:3 cameras, was at the core of this yearning, but the while package didn’t deliver … Continue reading
February 13, 2014 [+ News]
The Panasonic Lumix GH4 is here, and so is 4K video
It’s here, the long-awaited, much-rumored widely-expected Lumix GH4 – Panasonic’s leading mirrorless camera. The GH2 had set new innovative standards as an inexpensive alternative for professional video cameras, while its still photos weren’t too shabby either. Then came the GH3 … Continue reading
February 9, 2014 [+ News]
Nikon announces the Coolpix S32, S9700, AW120, P530, P600 and P340
A low-budget tough one, a x30 zoom compact, a new super tough all-arounder, two new super zooms including an unprecedented 1440mm lens and a new high-end compact. All in a days’ announcements. Nikon Coolpix P340 The Coolpix P330 was a … Continue reading
January 30, 2014 [+ News]
Nikon D610 Image Galley updated
Towards the full review of the Nikon D610, I updated its image gallery, with some shots I took while I had it with me. Always a treat to work full frame, but for the nitty gritty details – wait for … Continue reading
January 11, 2014 [+ News]
Canon announces the PowerShot N100, SX600 and ELPH 340
CES 2014 – Canon announced three new compact cameras – the fun but serious N100, the new compact zoom SX600 and the slim ELPH 340 (Ixus 265). PowerShot N100 The N100 is a crossbreed of the N and the S120 … Continue reading
January 10, 2014 [+ News]
Nikon Announces the D3300 and five new Coolpix cameras
CES 2014 – Nikon announced the new D3300 Entry-level DSLR and five new Coolpix cameras – the L30, L830, S3600, S5300 and S6800. D3300 The new D3300 has a new 23.2 megapixel CMOS sensor with no Low-Pass filter, coupled with … Continue reading
January 4, 2014 [+ Advice]
Just Posted – Panasonic Lumix FZ70 Full Review
The Lumix FZ70 proudly holds the world’s largest zoom range – x60. That’s not all, it also has the widest non-detachable lens, starting at a focal length equivalent to 20mm. What else does it offer? How does it all stack … Continue reading
January 3, 2014 [+ News]
Samsung announces the NX30 and 2 new lenses
Samsung announced today the NX30 new lenses – the 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Power Zoom and the 16-50mm f/2-2.8. NX30 Just before CES 2014, Samsung announced the NX30, which replaces the NX20 and inherits its loook and feel, but takes much of … Continue reading